I don’t believe you love me, John,
despite your syrup lies.
You say you’re sorry but your tune’s
too flat to trick the wise.
You sing the words too many times for
truth to reach your eyes.
You guild your rage, you spit revenge;
this rebellion, I despise.

I don’t believe you love me, John,
my bruises show your pain.
You use me every night
to quell the demons in your brain.
I’ve listened to your sleep talk, John;
hear what you can’t explain.
I’ve tried to love away your past,
You want me to try again?




John Lennon (1940-1980)

In the early days of their relationship, John Lennon slammed the head of his girlfriend, Cynthia Powell, into the side wall of Ye Cracke public house. Powell refused to see him for three months. She married him in 1962.